Оплатить поставщику

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Jowi allows you to control how much money you owe to suppliers, and how much they owe to you. You can pay each invoice separately or close all debts at once – without reference to documents.

You can also pay the supplier by filling out "Expense" in the transaction list.

Access rights

For payment, suppliers need the right to "Write" in the sections "Invoices" and "Cash".

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select the "Suppliers" section.

2. Select the supplier, which you want to pay for and click on the "Pay" link reference.

Click "Receive", if the supplier pays his debt – income will be created. Forms of documents are identic.

3. Fill out the document:

  • select the date and cash desk from which the payment is performed;
  • indicate the group to which the transaction belongs;
  • choose the type of payment – in cash or by bank transfer;
  • enter the amount of payment – it can be more than the debt;
  • add a description, for example, "Last month’s payment".

4. Click "Create" to complete the transaction.

Done – payment reduces debt and appeared in the list of transactions. Click on "Transactions" to see all payments and cash proceeds.

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