Оплатить накладную

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New invoices can be paid at any time - immediately after filling or within a month. This is required for accurate financial accounting in Jowi.

You can not pay separately each invoice, but pay the supplier all debts at once or make an advance payment.

Access rights

To pay the invoice, you need the right to "Write in the sections "Invoices" and "Cashbox".

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Invoices".

2. Select the invoice which you want to pay, and click on the "Pay" link reference.

3. The date in the document is set automatically – it can be changed to any other.

4. Indicate the cash desk with which you pay the invoice. Additionally, you can specify a transaction group.

If you have fill payment to the supplier before, a list of prepaid transactions will be displayed – select one of them.

5. Indicate the type of payment: cash or cashless payment.

6. Enter the transaction size – the amount remaining for payment is indicated in the invoice details.

7. Add a description of the transaction and click "Create".

The invoice is paid, and the transaction is accounted in the calculation with suppliers. To view all transactions, on the "Cash" tab, select "Transactions".

Pay for Displacement between Restaurants

To pay for the displacement between restaurants, on the "Invoices" tab, select "Moving between restaurants" and click "Pay" – filling of transaction is similar to paying an invoice.

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