Производство ингредиента

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Not all ingredients can be purchased from suppliers – some of them can be cooked. For recording such products and determine their cost, it is necessary to fill the production of ingredients.

For example, a restaurant purchased several types of pepper. The cook mixes them and uses them to prepare most dishes. In order not to add each type of pepper to the calculation cards of dishes, you can make one ingredient – "pepper".

To do this, you need to take several steps:

  1. Create a new compound ingredient.
  2. Fill the production of ingredient.
  3. Add a new ingredient to the dishes.

Access rights

To fill the production of ingredients, you need the right to "Write" in the "Invoice" section.

Fill Production of Ingredient

1. On the "Invoice" tab, select "Production of ingredient". Click "Add".

2. Fill in the ingredient card:

  • number and date will be set automatically – they can be changed;
  • select the ingredient that you produce and enter its quantity;
  • indicate the warehouse of write off (from where component products will be written off) and receipts (where the compound ingredient will be added).
Additionally, you can add a description.

3. Choose "Active", so that data from production is immediately reflected in records. When choosing "Draft", the remains in warehouse unchanged.

4. Note the products or half-finished products that are part of the ingredient, and click

On the "Import" tab, you can copy the composition of another compound ingredient.

5. Indicate the quantity of ingredients used. Click "Calculate".

6. In the table "Calculation of production" you will see the remains in warehouse before and after production.

Attention! The cost of a new ingredient is calculated based on the prices of the component products – it cannot be changed manually.

7. Save the ingredient by clicking "Create".

The production of the new ingredient is completed – it is added to warehouse, and now it can be added to dishes. As soon as the ingredient is finished, create a new production document.

Document Actions

The list of ingredient productions can be printed or saved on a computer in excel table format. By link reference "Details" in the production line, a list of products that the ingredient consists of and details of costing will be opened.

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