Выбрать позицию блюда на терминале

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To make it easy for the waiter to add dishes to orders, you can specify the positions for each dish.

For example, in hot dishes on the top line place dishes with chicken, then - with beef and pork, and at the end – dishes without meat.

Access rights

To change the position you need the right to create editing dishes.

1. On the main screen, in the bottom menu, select "Dishes".

2. In the top menu, click "Positions".

3. Select a department and category – a list of dishes will open. Click "Edit".

4. Click on the dish and select the cell in which you want to place it.

In the "Container" field, you can place dishes, for which there is no free space yet.

5. Place dishes – so they will be displayed when ordering.

In a similar way, you can place categories of dishes.

6. Click "Save".

Done – now the dishes will be displayed on the terminal at the places you indicated.

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