Маркетинговые акции в Jowi

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Jowi allows you to organize shares to attract visitors and increase loyalty of regular customers. At the same time, neither the waiters nor the cashiers will have to keep in mind any data – all the shares are configured in the web panel and are used when opening and pay accounts.

Attention! Promotions have a restrictions:
  • for one order can be applied only one share;
  • you cannot edit a share after launch (even if you stop it.

Reports on shares are also available – with their help, the manager and owner can control the efficacy of marketing events.

Order a dish – get a dish

When ordering a promotional dish, visitors will receive one more at a discount or at a special price.

A discount on dish by time

The share sets a special price for the dish at the indicated time.

Order for the n-th amount and get a discount

Thanks to the share, visitors will receive a discount by making an order for a certain amount.

A discount percentage for discount card

The visitors will receive an additional discount or percentage of savings when ordering a certain amount by the selected date.

The promotion applies only to owners of discount cards.

Discount on the total amount of the account at a specific time

Guests will receive a discount on the promotion if they make an order at the specified time.

Cumulative percentage on the amount

Visitors will be able to accumulate a percentage of savings or discounts if they order for a certain amount within a fixed time.

The promotion applies only to owners of discount cards.

Bonus pyramid

A special type of marketing share, built on the principle of "bring a friend – get a bonus". In addition, customers will be able to receive points for deposits for orders from friends.

The promotion applies only to owners of discount cards.

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