54-ФЗ – основные принципы

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54-FZ is the basic law for controlling a business that deals with the reception of cash. Changes to this law directly affected retail businesses, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, law firms and service companies.

The most important thing that changes this law - is the way of interaction between business and the Federal Tax Service. All forms of interaction with the agency and reporting are transferred to automatic mode. Online cash desks, which are required to use the legislation, will independently send checks to the Federal Tax Service, in the "online" mode, excluding the possibility of "correcting" the data in favor of the entrepreneur.

The main goal of the law - is to make the business more transparent, increase tax revenues and reduce the burden on its department. Therefore, special attention in the law is paid to the automation of business processes and the online exchange of information with the Federal Tax Service.

According to the requirements of FZ-54, online cash desks must be installed at all points representing public catering. Among these are: cafes, restaurants, bars, canteens. A small kiosk cafe, where chebureks or shaurma are sold, is also included here.

Jowi works with popular models of online cash desks, and setting up a fiscal printer does not take much time.

Functions of Jowi and 54-FZ

  • When paying the account, the cashier can indicate the customer's phone number or email to send him an electronic copy of the check.

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  • Field TIN has been added to personnel cards – it is printed on a fiscal check.

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  • Fields for the cashier’s name and TIN have been added to the cash shift opening window.
  • Notification about support for 54-FZ has been added to the fiscal printer status field.
  • For each dish in the restaurant you can set tax rates - the amount of tax will be indicated in the cash check .

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