Настройки терминала

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In the "Settings" section on the terminal, the manager can specify the parameters of the devices.

Access rights

To work with the "Settings" section, you need the right to edit terminals.

Main Settings

  • Parameters of dish buttons and categories.
  • The possibility to pay accounts by waiters.
Suitable for small cafes in which one employee – he will be able to accept payment immediately after creating an account and breaking a check.
  • Password prompt when exiting the program.
  • Display the amount of open accounts.
If the option is disabled, the waiters will not be able to drive in extra dishes on the tablet, do not save the account and show it to customers to pay.
  • Indication of number of guests when creating an account.
Turn on the option if you want always to know how many guests visited the restaurant – the waiter will not be able to save the account until you indicate the number of visitors.
  • The ability to create an account without a table.
To ensure that all accounts are attached to tables, and not "hang" free, enable the option.
  • Adding dishes to the account with the indication of modifiers and related dishes.
Suitable for small establishments and fast foods - the waiter will be able to quickly add dishes to the account, without passing into modifiers window.
  • Day transition time – the time when daily reports will be created. We recommend to indicate the time when the restaurant is closed, especially if it is work after midnight.
  • The size of the service (tip) for the terminal.

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Additional Settings

If you turn off the new numbering every day, it will be end-to-end – this allows you to hide information about the number of orders per day and control total number of accounts.

When auto deletion is enabled, open and closed accounts will be deleted after a few days from the local database and will no longer get there.

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Notification Module

Setting up a notification module for fast food establishments.

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Setting of Jowi integration with exterior services. For example, with FastOperator.

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