Оформить заказ на доставку (веб-панель)

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You can create a delivery order not only in the local module, but also in the web panel. For example, if a individual manager is responsible to work with delivery. After creating the order, it enters the local Waiter module, where it can be edited.

Access rights

To create an order, you need the right to "Write" in the "Mobile" section.

1. On the "Delivery" tab, select "Monitoring”.

2. In the window that opens, click "Add".

3. Select an establishment from the list.

4. Add a client, if the order is made by a regular guest, and select a card. The phone is substituted automatically.

5. Indicate the number of persons and theamount of the discount, if required.

6. Add a dish – start to put a name and select the appropriate one from the drop-down list. Indicate the number of dishes.

7. Check bill of the order : dishes, their cost and amount of discount.

8. Choose the type of delivery: courier or self-haul.

If the order is delivered by a courier, additionally indicate:
  • cost of delivery;
  • payment method – online by credit card or courier in cash;
  • delivery address

9. Add an order description. For example, a clarification for the courier "Entrance to the arch".

10. Click on "Send to establishment".

The order is filled and sent to the terminal. The restaurant manager will be able to edit or delete it if necessary.

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