Закрыть счет

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When guests leave and are ready to pay, close the order. Specify in advance how they will pay the account.

Access rights

To close orders, the waiter needs the right to close accounts.

1. Select the account you want to close.

2. Check the order details. If guests have a discount card, link the client to the order.

3. Click "Close", select a language – a check will be printed on it – close the account.

After closing, give the account to the guests - the cashier will accept the payment. All closed accounts can be viewed on the waiter’s main screen.

Close in the Section "All accounts"

1. On the main screen in the bottom menu, select "All accounts".

2. Click "Open accounts" and select an order.

3. Click "Close account" in the bottom menu.

Now the account can be paid.

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