Использовать smart-карту

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Smart-card allows you to link an account to a visitor without registering in the system. It can be a plastic card, a bracelet with an RFID tag or another identification device.

For example, to the visitors of water park are given special bracelets. When ordering, the waiter or barman writes the account to its owner. At the exit, the cashier scans the bracelet, finds the visitor’s account and accepts payment.

Access rights

To work with smart cards, you will need the right to change and delete smart cards.

Link Account to Smart Card

There are two ways to link an account with a card.

1 way

Open the waiter’s main screen and scan the card – Jowi will create an account and link a smart card to it.

2 way

1. Create an account and open the details.

2. Click on the line Smart card. Use the visitor card to link it to the account.

3. Finish order registration.

Done – the account is linked to the clients card. You can view the account only after scanning the card – without it, the account will not open.

Pay an Account by Smart Card

1. On the main screen, in the bottom menu, select "All accounts".

2. Scan the client card – Jowi will show his account.

3. Close it, if it's still open, and accept the payment.

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