Настроить мобильное меню

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Mobile menu are categories and dishes that are displayed for clients in the application. By default, guests do not see anything. So that they can place orders, you must set up the mobile menu.

Access rights

To set up a mobile menu, you need the right to "Write" in the "Mobile" section.

Set up categories

Hot dishes, side dishes, sauces and more – these are categories of dishes that can be available to guests for ordering. On the "Mobile menu" tab, select "Categories (ON-LINE)" to set up their image in the application.

In the "Available ON-LINE" column, select "true" to make the category visible to clients. By default, all categories are disabled.

Attach images to categories – illustrations will be displayed in a mobile application for clients. To do this, flag the category with a flag, click "Edit" and upload a picture.

Using the "Print" and "Export" buttons, the list of categories can be printed or saved to a computer.

Set up dishes

In order establishment dishes were available to guests for ordering, you must set up their visibility. To do this, on the tab "Mobile menu" select "Mobile menu (items)".

For quick publication, put "Yes" in the columns:

  • "Availability for ON-LINE order" – the dish will be available for order, but will not be displayed by the client.
  • "Available ON-LINE" – the dish will appear by clients in the application.

Open the dish card for additional settings:

  • indicate the cost for delivery;
  • add a description: cooking time, calorie content and more;
  • attach a photo of the dish – clients will see it in the application.

Save the changes. Now the dishes are available to clients for ordering.

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