Оформить заказ на доставку

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In the local Waiter module, you can fill an order if the client contacted by phone or personally. It also displays orders filled by using the Jowi web panel.

Access rights

To work with delivery orders, you need the right to create and edit orders.

1. In the local module on the main screen, select "Delivery" in the top menu.

2. A window will open with all delivery orders. Click "Create New" in the bottom menu to add an order.

3. Add dishes as in a ordinary order.

4. Open the window with the order details by clicking on the information field.

5. Add a client if the order is made by a regular guest.

6. Click on the “Address” field and specify the delivery address.

If the client wants to take the order independently, click the “Address” button - the “Self-haul” mark will appear in the field.

7. Additionally, you can add an order description, change the delivery cost or amount of discount.

Click "Save".

8. Complete the filling - click "Create Order". It will appear in the list of all delivery orders.

Order is filled. After preparation, pass the order to the courier for delivery.

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