Создать акт разделки

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Separation acts – a document that fixes the butchering of primary products into ingredients and half-finished products. For example, a carcass of a mutton into separate components.

Access rights

To create butchering acts, you need the right to "Write" in the "Invoice" section.

1. On the "Invoices" tab, select "Butchering acts" and click "Add".

2. Fill out the document:

  • act number and creation date are set automatically;
  • indicate the ingredient for butchering and its quantity – it must be added to Jowi;
  • indicate the warehouse from which the ingredient is write off;
  • add a description and an invoice group.

3. Select the ingredients that result from the butchering, and click arrow.

4. In the "Selected ingredients" field, fill in the fields:

  • indicate the warehouse where the ingredients will be added;
  • enter the amount of the resulting ingredients;
  • indicate the cost per unit of measure - the amount is calculated automatically.
In the bottom line, Jowi will show the amount of waste after butchering and the total amount.

5. Click "Create" to save the document.

After creating of butchering act, the original ingredient will be write off from the warehouse, and the new ingredients will be added.

In the general list of documents, by link reference "Details", a list of ingredients resulting from butchering will open.

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