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Warehouse accounting in Jowi allows you to control the remains of products and dishes in the establishment, control their cost, income and expense. So you can buy the necessary ingredients on time, change the price of dishes when changing their cost and write off the leftovers.

How to start the warehouse account

1. Add warehouses – places of accounting and storage of ingredients.

2. Indicate the departments – subdivisions of the establishment where ready dishes are served.

3. Set the categories of dishes.

4. Add:

  • ingredients – products from which ready to cook food are prepared;
  • half-finished product – compound ingredients for dishes, such as minced meat,
  • dishes, that are on the menu.

How it works

For correct accounting, we recommend that you add the ingredients to the warehouses that include the categories of dishes consisting of these products.

1. When the ingredients arrive at the warehouse, the manager indicates their value.

Attention! In Jowi, warehouse accounting is organized according on FIFO method – the cost of ingredients and the remaining in warehouse are determined by the latest document: invoice, transportation between restaurants, butchering act or production of ingredients.

2. The cost of half-finished product is determined automatically based on the cost of ingredients. The cost of dishes is also calculated automatically based on the cost of half-finished product and ingredients.

Attention! If you change the costing of the half-finished product, the cost of the dish does not change if the date of the costing of the dish was created before the date of change of the half-finished product.

3. When selling dishes, Jowi first write off the dishes and half-finished product for which the production act is issued. If there is no production act, he apportion the dish and half-finished product on the ingredients and writes them off from the warehouse to which the category of the dish belongs.

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