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The menu of the establishment is formed from dishes. Jowi allows you not only keep an accurate accounting of the ingredients and half-finished products from which the dishes are prepared, but also calculate their cost.

When selling a dish, Jowi will “separate” it into ingredients and write it off from the warehouse to which the category of dish belongs. Moreover, the quantity of ingredients written off is determined by the calculation of the dish.

Access rights

To work with dishes, you need the “Write” right in the “Items” section.

Add Dish

1. On the "Items" tab, select the "Items" section. Click “Add”.

2. Fill in the dish information:

  • enter a name – it must be unique;
  • select the category to which the dish belongs, for example, “Hot” – it depends on which warehouse the ingredients will be write off when selling;
  • indicate the cost of the dish.

In addition, you can indicate the tax rate, legal entity and article number of the dish.

3. Setup the appearance of the dish button in the local module – it will be easier for the waiter to find it in the general list.

4. Indicate the cooking time.

5. Enable advanced options:

  • Visible – will the dish displayed on the terminal. Suitable for seasonal dishes: ice cream, ice drinks and so on.
  • Weighted – is it possible to change the portion of the dish or not.
  • Without% – in this case, the discount and percent for the service will not apply to the dish.

6. Select the ingredients and half-finished products of which composed the dish. On the “Import” tab, you can select a dish to copy its composition. Click

If there is no suitable product in the list, click “Add ingredient” in the bottom menu. In the window that opens, specify its name and measuring unit - the product will appear in the calculation card and in the "Ingredients" section.

7. Indicate the quantity of ingredients used and click "Calculate".

8. Jowi will calculate the expenses to ingredients, the cost of the dish and the profit from its sale.

9. Click “Create” to save the dish.

The dish has been added – after a while it will appear in the local module, and guests will be able to order it.

Operations with Dishes

The list of ingredients can be printed or saved in excel table format. The link reference “Details” opens a list of ingredients and half-finished products that are used for cooking. Using the “History” link reference, you can see the changes in the calculation card.

Change Calculation

The composition of the dish may change, for example, if the chef added a new ingredient. In this case, it is necessary to show the changes in Jowi and edit the dish card.

1. Open the dish: click 2 times with the left mouse button or mark it in the list and click “Edit”.

2. Change the composition of the dish and the calculation date.

Attention! The calculation date can be set "backdated", but not more than 3 months. All write-offs for the ingredient and sales for the specified period will be recalculated again. Moreover, if the composition contains half-finished products, then an earlier calculation is taken relative to the new date in the dish.

3. Save the changes.

The composition of the dish has been edited. Using the “History” link reference you can see the changes, activate or delete old calculations.

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